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Stephens Performance History

It all started in 1975, with a gorgeous 35,000 mile '68 Superbee purchased from it's original owner. She was 4-on-the-floor beauty, dressed in red.

And she was all mine. For a grand total of six weeks and one day.

What happened? More horsepower than brainpower produced one gorgeous Superbee wrapped around a telephone pole.

As a 17 year old part-time "master chef" at Burger King, the expense of repair wasn't in the budget, so I had to part her out to come up with the cash for a new set of wheels.

The beloved Bee was my first car, so this was a painful process. However, as the Superbee became an "organ donor", it was able to live on in it's benefactors. And, I was introduced to the salvage business.

Ted's Super Bee   Photo Compliments of   "Mama's Archives"

Today, we are the largest vintage Mopar salvage and parts operation in the world. The business not only handles used parts, but new and reproduction parts as well. We cover 1962-1974 A, B, C, E, and F Body models. We also manufactor and distribute our own line of reproductions. We are licensed by Chrysler.


In 1991 we began providing parts for used on Mopars used in the Motion Picture Industry. Most recently

"The Fast and The Furious" and "The Dukes of Hazard".

Licensed in the mid 90's to manufacture and distribute apparel and collectibles for both "Vanishing Point" films. We own the Challengers used in the production of

"Vanishing Point 2".

Television apperances on Motor Trend TV, Car and Driver TV, Tennessee Crossroads, Horsepower TV, Musclecar TV, Chop, Cut, Rebuild and Detroit Muscle.

Ted has written for various enthusiast magazines.

Second generation now working in the business.